Common ecommerce mistakes you’ll want to avoid

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Common ecommerce mistakes you’ll want to avoid

If you own an ecommerce website, then you’ll want to give your customers an experience that is as close to the real thing as possible. Unfortunately, people can’t try on a dress over the Internet, nor can they check what they would look like in a given pair of boots. Moreover, payments can also become an issue, since every customer must share valuable credit card details or similar information when making a purchase.

To be successful with your ecommerce business, you must ensure that the entire experience runs as smoothly as possible for the customer, making them feel safe and happy with their purchase. To help you out, here are a few ecommerce mistakes you should avoid.


“If you build it they will come”


Many people starting an ecommerce business maintain this mentality, even though it stopped being reasonable a few decades ago. As a result, they build the most impressive website, feature some of the best offers and even unique products, but pay little to no attention to marketing and advertising. Unfortunately, the truth is that regardless of what you put on your ecommerce website, if you don’t advertise it, people won’t even see it.

Back in 1999, you might have gotten away without marketing campaigns, simply because there were less than 1 million websites on the entire Internet. Today, on the other hand, the Internet hosts more than 1 billion websites and more than 4 billion webpages. When you create your store, you’ll just add one more website to this daunting already existing number, so how are people supposed to find you? The answer is advertising. Without it, your business will most likely never get off the ground, because building a beautiful website and filling it with great products is only the first step in establishing a successful ecommerce business.


Lack of product description


Another rookie ecommerce mistake is relying solely on images in order to sell your products. While this might work just fine when a person is browsing through your store, it’s a different story when it comes to SEO and how you rank in Google search.

Indeed, you have to understand that Google ranking algorithms cannot see what picture you have posted for your product, and therefore cannot evaluate it. Instead, they look for text and whether or not keywords are present, which means that if you have no text, you won’t rank high enough to be noticed by buyers. Of course, especially when it comes to ecommerce businesses that sell clothing, gifts, furniture or similar products that rely greatly on appearance, the images you present can make the sale on their own, but to get visitors on your website, you must add a fitting description.

Somewhat related to this ecommerce mistake is the practice of using the manufacturer’s description as a product description. This is terribly harmful for the SEO of your website, as most ranking algorithms will section you for duplicating content from existing websites. It’s not only that you’ll be duplicating the manufacturer’s text, but you’ll also look identical to all the other websites selling the product and using the same content. Your website will be sanctioned for this and likely filtered out of the search results, so make sure your product descriptions are always unique.


Design bloopers


The overall appearance of your ecommerce website is one of the elements that can truly determine whether or not you will succeed. Although it is a common ecommerce mistake, not paying enough attention to the design of your site and relying solely on your products can make potential customers leave before they even get the chance to see your offer.

Aside from employing a clean, user-friendly and professional theme, you should also provide high quality, unique images for your ecommerce website, as well as offer a clear value proposition through headlines, subheadings and great body copy. You have to make sure that people know exactly what they can buy from you, as well as why they should buy from you instead of the competition. Otherwise, they won’t stick around long enough to see what’s on sale. Make sure you also provide a quick and effortless way to navigate your website, along with a powerful, functional and easy-to-find search engine.


Quitting too early


When it comes to advertising your ecommerce business, there are hundreds of options out there waiting for you to try them on. You shouldn’t get carried away by the possibilities though, as your budget will most likely be able to accommodate only a few of these campaigns. It is important to carefully select the type of advertising the best works for your ecommerce website, but it is even more important to invest enough time and financial resources into a marketing channel before abandoning it.

A very common ecommerce mistake is that people expect immediate results. They invest $100 into a Facebook advertising campaign and when their business doesn’t get off the ground, they decide Social Media is not going to work to their advantage. This sort of attitude can really kill your business in the long run, because it doesn’t allow any marketing strategy to grow and bring in the profits it was designed for.

Building an ecommerce website is a job that requires a great deal of patience and quite some time. To avoid discarding an advertising channel prematurely, try to focus on only one or two strategies at a time. This way, you’ll make sure that you invest enough to fairly determine whether or not the channel is working for your business.


All in all, customers need to be able to trust your ecommerce business when they buy from you, which means that you should put a lot of effort into making your website look as friendly, professional and trustworthy as possible. Most importantly, you should never attempt to save on website security, as it is part of your job to make sure that the information customers provide stays private and safe.

After all, if at any time a user feels that they might get scammed or lose the confidentiality of their data, they are guaranteed to leave your website for another, more reliable one. The same goes if they feel that the website is too difficult to navigate or if they cannot find enough information on desired products

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